Where are we?

Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea from 3 sides, at the feet of the mountains Kozjak and Mosor, the city of Split stands out as a beautiful jewel of the Mediterranean. With a population of approx.. 300,000 people, it is the second largest city in Croatia. The long, hot summers and mild winters of the Mediterranean climate attract people from around the world.


Split provides a unique mixture of its 1700 year old cultural heritage and modern architecture. Over the course of its existence, it has changed many authorities – the Roman Empire, Croatian kings, Hungarian and Venetian administration, French rulers and the Austro-Hungarian monarchy have all left their traces in Split.

One of the most popular sights is the Diocletian palace – a 1700 year old palace on UNESCO’s World Heritage site list, which is still inhabited.

Tourism and natural beauty

During the summer, Split is one of the most attractive tourist locations in Croatia. It not only offers a wide range of cultural heritage to be seen, but its natural beauty has something to offer as well.

One of the most notable natural treasures is Marjan, a peninsula with over 15 kilometers of beaches surrounding it. Split is also one of the sunniest cities in Croatia, averaging 2700 sunny hours per year.


Homesickness is the least of your concerns here! All major European capitals connect with Split via air, with flight times rarely exceeding 3 hours. Split is also easily accessible both by road and sea. The capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is just a 4 hour car ride away, and there is a constant stream of ships and ferries which connect Split to Italy.