Our students

The people here are very talkative, friendly and open-minded. This mentality proves to be a breeding ground for student associations and groups, many of which are stationed on FESB.

FESB is in constant communication with student exchange programs, such as:



IEEE - stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a non-profit organization, world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology.

Many student groups operate from within FESB, most notably:

DUMP - DUMP Young Programmers Association provides free programing lectures, and mentorishp of young programmers on popular competitions, like Imagine cup ( or the local Infokup.

UPS - If you are a geek for mechanical engineering, Applied Mechanical Engineering Association is the right thing for you! They have created their own racing car, a formula, which is planned to take part in some of the most prestigious student formula races in Europe.

STUDENT RADIO - FESB has it's own radio station, curated by students. The student DJs listen to the same music as most of the students do, so tunning in to this radio station is a refreshing and amusing experience.


Split has a wide offering of bars, clubs and cafés accommodating everyone’s taste in music and atmosphere. If indoor places are not your thrill, places like Riva and Matejuška are usually filled to the brim with people, usually students, rendering boring nights impossible.


FESB has its own football and basketball teams which compete with teams from other faculties in Croatia. Every year, FESB organizes local tournaments in various sports, one of them being the FESB Champion League, an open football tournament. Studying at FESB allows you to access swimming pools, tracks and gyms around the town, as a part of FESB's physical education program.