Campus life

FESB is the leading technical faculty on the University Campus, and is the central point of its development.

Although it is still under construction, the Campus consists of FESB, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Forensic Sciences and the Academy of Arts.

Soon, two new buildings will be opened which will house the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Science , right next to FESB. All of the Campus faculties are 5 minutes away from each other on foot.

Split University Library

FESBs first neighbor is the University Library of Split. Housing approximately 400,000 books and about 12,000 copies of periodical publications, its collections contain a vast number of rare and valuable books, maps and atlases, sheet music, sound recordings and graphic material which can be used inside the building, or copied for further use.

It is also a very popular place to study and meet other students, providing monitored studying space and a café for its members. The membership fee is only 60 kunas (<10 euros) per academic year.

Student’s accomodation and restaurants

There are 11 student restaurants in Split, 2 of them inside FESB. Food there is affordable, abundant and tasty. Every student has his/her own Student Identification Card (SIC) , which allows him/her to buy breakfast, lunch and supper for next to nothing in those restaurants. For less than 10 kunas (1.5 euros) you can enjoy a full lunch in FESBs cafeteria. There are 2 more such restaurants on Campus grounds (inside the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Economics).

There are 4 dorms in Split with a fifth one under construction inside the Campus. One of them is located right next to the FESB, and the monthly fee, breakfast, lunch and supper included, is under 250kn (35€).