What is USC in English?

USC, which stands for Undergraduate Study in Computing, is a new type of study at FESB, lectured in English and created for foreign students. If you’re interested in Computing and want to learn abroad, keep reading!

Years, explained

1. year -
First year is aimed to provide you with solid fundamentals for future learning, especially in the fields of mathematics and electrical engineering. Often refered to as “the difficult year of the study”, first year is a challenge for everyone.
2. year -
Second year is aimed to teach you the basic skillset of every good Computing student: thinking in algorithms, processing signals with ease and describing data with abstract structures. You learn how to build databases, develop software using the object oriented approach and solve complex problems with algorithmical thinking.
3. year -
Third year is aimed to give practical skills on how to build feasible projects for the web, understanding computer networks and system architecture. Elective courses are included, pick two out of four and choose which courses you want to attend!

Why study at FESB?

FESB offers an unique mixture of technical, engineering and mathematical courses and prepares you for your future dream job with minimum noise.

Our students are qualified and praised employees, often giving a different perspective of a problem and providing their employers with a new set of skills.

USC is one of the most prestigious studys at FESB, offering you 3 years of evenly balanced courses and teaching you how to think like an engineer.